“An editor is critical to the success of any literary project.

“My editor had retired and I needed to find a new one for my novel. After an extensive search, I found Caroline S. Kaiser.

“After receiving back my edited manuscript from Caroline, and seeing the copious edits, my first thought was: had the meaning of my story been altered? Quite the contrary. Every aspect of my original narrative was made more concise, accurate and meaningful—and enjoyable. I was ecstatic with the results.

“I realized Caroline has a passion for her work—it’s a labour of love for her. Her serious and personal interest in her work, and my novel, created the best possible edit—one for which I am very proud. Her knowledge of English grammar is excellent, and her vocabulary is stellar. She also met the completion target.

“Without hesitation, I would recommend Caroline for all your editing assignments—you will be more than satisfied with the results.”

–George A. Anthony, author of Mr. Pearce


“Caroline Kaiser was recommended to me, a debut author, in November 2010, and I am so pleased that she was available to edit my manuscript. Her editing skills are meticulous and her suggestions valid. Caroline’s expertise brought into question areas in my novel that needed clarification on my part as an author–if she didn’t see it or get it, my potential readers wouldn’t either. As I received each edited file, she always had a comment in her email about something in that file that she really liked or found interesting before I opened it and was confronted by all the red. Caroline’s remarks made me pour everything I had into my novel, making a good story great and me a better author. She gave it a final polish and prompted me to add the final pizzazz. Although we have never met face-to-face, I view Caroline as not only a professional associate, but as a friend. I hightly recommend Caroline to any author, new or established, and I am looking forward to working with her again on my next book.”

–Lynne Marie, author of The Seahawk’s Sanctuary


“Caroline Kaiser is a meticulous editor who takes painstaking care in her work, instilling confidence in her expertise and judgment. She is conscientious, completing the job on time and within her cost estimates. I would not hesitate to use her good services again and enthusiastically recommend her without reservation.”

–Chris McGowan, author of Abacus


“Working with Caroline is an absolute pleasure. I know with certainty that when I submit my work to her, she leaves no stone unturned. She meticulously fact checks, effortlessly ‘word sculpts’ and helps make my work more reflective of my true intentions than I am able to myself.”

–Aly Boltman, antiques appraiser and writer


“Caroline was my first try at having an editor look at my manuscript, and I approached the experience with some doubts. They proved unfounded. She is a professional and business-like editor. What she says she will do, she does, and I tried to do the same.The best part of the experience was the in-depth commenting style Caroline used. She dissected all aspects of my novel and did it in a beautiful prose style of her own. Reading that, I was more than persuaded that she knew a thing or two about writing.”

–Elaine Cougler, author of The Loyalist’s Wife


“An exceptional editor. Caroline Kaiser was instrumental in the shaping and the publication of my first book, Mysterious Secrets of Dark Fern Forest. Her professional approach to directing a writer to the successful publication of a book is through gentle guidance and constructive critique. I feel highly confident in recommending Caroline to other writers, and I will certainly seek her advice when I finish my second book.”

–Margaret Dalley, author of Mysterious Secrets of Dark Fern Forest


“Caroline helped me to prepare a manuscript for a short fiction contest. Although the changes she suggested were minor, the impact was substantial, and the story was improved by her contribution. In addition, she was able to provide a super-quick turnaround time, and all at a fair price. I will make use of Caroline’s services again.”

–Grant Carmichael, author of Otherwise Occupied (short story)


“Like many other writers, I do not take well to editing. I don’t know what’s good to cut, what’s fine to keep, or what just plain doesn’t make sense. The first time I’d ever handed my story to another for the purpose of editing, a nasty cat fight broke out along the lines of, “This is too much back story!”— “But I like back story!” I was slightly frightened of having another experience with editing. It was neither a calm, sensible transaction, nor an enlightening exposure to adequate problems in my pieces.

“However, I was quite surprised and pleased with Ms. Kaiser’s work. While looking over my edits, I never once had the urge to raise a finger in defiance of her judgment. Every question was posed with very valid reasoning, and every suggestion was given with clear, economical, respectful prose.

“Because I am 14 years old, I found it increasingly difficult to get more than simple grammar and spelling corrections out of my former editors. I felt that they were going easy on me because of my age. But for the first time, it seemed to me as though the real issues of my writing were being addressed, and my abilities were being assessed seriously, and in a professional manner.

“Although I have little experience with controlling my style or handling point of view very well, Ms. Kaiser patiently explained every repeated discrepancy, corrected every awkward sentence, and reworded every unclear phrase. My stories still retain the personality and tone of my writing style, yet improve tremendously in all structural elements. Thanks to the hard, efficient, orderly effort of Ms. Kaiser, I am confident that my pieces are now polished jewels.”

–London Hu, short story author


“Caroline is wonderful to work with. She took great care in polishing my manuscript, and I learned so much from her that I am already applying to my next book. She delivered the edited manuscript to me on time and even under budget, and her feedback was detailed and thoughtful. I appreciated that her edits were more than just corrections — they were alternative suggestions, words of encouragement, and valuable lessons that I will take with me through many books to come.”

–Tiana Warner, author of The Infinite Knowledge of J.T. Badgley


“Caroline was recommended to me as a professional, experienced editor. We scoped the project and based on her estimate I decided to move forward, and I’m very glad that I did. Her work and communication were highly professional, and the editing was completed on time and at the cost we had agreed upon. I would work with Caroline again and also recommend her as an accomplished fiction editor.”

–Matt Lazar, co-author of Warrior Girl


“Wow–this is an intelligent and very thoughtful edit! It improves the original while appreciating its unique “personality” and respecting its integrity–something many editors cannot do.”

–John Ambury, poet and fiction writer


“When I decided to self-publish the first book in my thriller series, I had two main objects. One, to hire a talented book designer and two, a professional editor to polish my manuscript. So I chose three editors and asked each to do a sample edit. From these three, I chose Caroline, because I thought we could work together.

“My expectation was for Caroline to ready my book for publication, but what I received during her edits was much more. She is, in my opinion, not only an editor, but a director playing a similar role as any experienced director does when directing a film. She visualizes how the scenes will play out and nudges you, the author, to give more to the production, i.e., your novel. With her as editor and director, the result is the best book possible.

“Caroline is currently editing the third novel in my thriller series and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed working with her. I’ve come to see her not only as an editor, but as a friend.”

–Pat Krapf, author of the Darcy McClain thriller series

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