Books Recently Edited

Inside the Tall, Thick Book of Tales, The Infinite Knowledge of J.T. Badgley, Harriet's TrunkListed below are books I’ve edited or provided manuscript evaluations for recently.

Mysteries and Thrillers

Brainwash by Pat Krapf. Brainwash is the first in Pat’s series of Darcy McClain thrillers.

Eaten by Susan Crockford. See my interview with Susan.

Gadgets by Pat Krapf. Gadgets is the second in Pat’s series of Darcy McClain thrillers.

Silent Witness by Tom Watts

Under the Skin by Nick Hahn. See my interview with Nick.


Young Adult Fiction 

Abacus by Chris McGowan

Bullets, Blood and Stones: The Journey of a Child Soldier by Donna White

Haunted Journey by Wendy Truscott

Mysterious Secrets of Dark Fern Forest by Margaret Dalley

Warrior Girl by Matt Lazar and Amanda Thomas. See my interview with Matt and Amanda.


Children’s Fiction 

Adventures of Maximojo: A Warp in Time by Julianne Bien

Harriet’s Trunk by James MacInnis

Mischievous Molly by Carmela Lanzillotti

Vinnie! Star of the Show by Chantelle Saumier. See my interview with Chantelle.

Vinnie! The Hurricane by Chantelle Saumier


Historical Fiction

Beyond the Cape: Sin, Saints, Slaves, and Settlers by Braz Menezes

The Forgotten Flapper: A Novel of Olive Thomas by Laini Giles. The Forgotten Flapper is the first book in the Forgotten Actresses series.

The Lion’s Lair by Lynne Marie 

The Loyalist’s Wife by Elaine Cougler

The Seahawk’s Sanctuary by Lynne Marie


Science Fiction and Fantasy

Dolphin Dome Chronicles by Janys Mikel

The Infinite Knowledge of J.T. Badgley by Tiana Warner. See my interview with Tiana.

Inside the Tall, Thick Book of Tales by A.C. Birdsong

Liberation by Robert Jennings. See my interview with Robert.



The Young Widow by Holli Irvine


Memoir and Biography

The Broker Who Broke Free by Maitreya Ishaya

From Miles to Millions by Bill Grenier

Getting It Off My Chest: A Journey Through Breast Cancer by Sandra Fikus

Ode to a Master–From Championship to Supreme Court: One Man’s Remarkable Odyssey by Douglas Butler

A Path of Joy: Popping into Freedom by Paramananda Ishaya

Paul Brodie: The Man Behind Brodie Bikes by Paul Brodie

Spirit Love by Joan Chisholm

The Way of Nothing: Nothing in the Way by Paramananda Ishaya



Live Beyond Your Dreams: From Fear and Doubt to Personal Power, Purpose, and Success by Riana Milne (self-help)

My Fat Little Rule Book by Jacquie Somerville (diet book)

The Write Stuff: Thinking through Essays by Marcie Sims, Wendy Chan, and Prita Sethuram (English textbook)











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